Performance Biography

Mac is a versatile Taiko Artist.

Mac is the co-founder and co-director of the Philadelphia-based Casual Fifth Taiko & Dance Ensemble. Casual Fifth has been in the Philadelphia Fringe Festival, performed at several colleges, and featured at Shofuso during Cherry Blossom Festival and Obon. They create Taiko and Dance arrangements, as well as Taiko + Dance combinations.


Mac is currently a performing member of Taikoza, and has been since 2014. Studying under Marco Lienhard, Mac has traveled and performed at Elementary Schools, Colleges, Living Rooms, Public Parks, Switzerland, and more. 

Soh Daiko

From 2014 to 2019 Mac was an active member in Soh Daiko, based in NYC. In addition to performing he had administrative responsibilities as a practice leader, equipment manager, and liaison to the New York Buddhist Church Board of trustees.

In addition, you may have seen Mac perform at other venues and with other musicians

Corporate Shows


Isle of Dogs Premiere

Scenes from behind the drum